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Area Rugs

Area rugs work in every room and any style of decor. Whether you want to use an area rug to make a statement of its own or use one to enhance other visual focal points, you have nearly endless options available. Our designers are ready to help you incorporate area rugs into every room in your home.

Benefits of Area Rugs

Why is an area rug always a good idea? These are just a few of the benefits an area rug provides:

  • They are easy to move. Redecorating or rearranging furniture? Pick up your area rug, and you’re good to go.
  • Your home will be quieter. Area rugs absorb sound, making them an excellent pick for hardwood floors or expansive spaces that would otherwise have an echo.
  • Rugs provide traction on wood or tile floors to help prevent slips and falls.
  • Nothing feels like a rug underfoot on a chilly day.
Cloud style area rug, blue and white hues throughout

What Else Can an Area Rug Do?

  • Lighten a dark space: If you have limited natural light, adding a light-colored rug will give the space a little life. The same is true for rooms with dark walls or floors.
  • Change up a color scheme: An area rug can amp up the color quotient of a minimalist space or ground a busy space with soft tones. Consider having more than one area rug on standby to change out with the seasons.

Sizing Up Area Rugs

There are many factors when choosing the perfect size area rug, but using the size of the room where you’ll be putting it is an excellent place to start. Smaller rooms should have smaller rugs and vice versa - for example, an 8x10’ area rug perfectly fits a 10x12’ room. Before you make the purchase, use masking tape to create a visual border for the size rug you’re thinking about. Try to keep 18” of bare space on all sides of the area rug to enhance the room’s layout and create distinct pathways. You can pare back to 8” if the room is less spacious.

An Area Rug for Every Room

A common misconception is that an area rug should always be in the center of a room. While this is certainly a solid design idea for some spaces, the furniture arrangement should dictate where your area rug is. There are a few tried and true configurations that we recommend exploring.

Living Room

“All legs on” and “front legs on” are two of the most popular setups for living rooms. In the “all legs on” arrangement, your area rug should be large enough to extend a few inches beyond the edges of the sofa and chairs to create a cohesive feel. You can still get that put-together vibe without the expense of a 9x12’ by placing only the front legs of your furniture on an area rug.


In bedrooms, most people go with the “all furniture on” or “just the bed on” approach. If you have a particularly large primary bedroom, consider a large area rug that will fit your bed and nightstands on it when placed perpendicular to the bedroom set. Prefer a smaller area rug? The “just the bed on” look will allow you to keep beautiful flooring on display while also giving you a little cushion and color around the bed.

Dining Room

Regarding area rugs in your dining room, you can complement or contrast the shape of your dining table with your rug. A square or rectangular table looks elegant and classic on an area rug with the same dimensions. Place a square dining table on a large round area rug for a more playful aesthetic.

Layering Area Rugs and Carpet

An area rug can add that perfect little something to a room with wall-to-wall carpeting. Using an area rug on top of carpet is a creative design tactic. As with all designs, some basic principles should be kept in mind.

  • Carpet with a low pile can benefit from a plush rug. A little bit of fluff will give a room whimsy and additional comfort.
  • Tripping is never a good look, so anchor your area rug with furniture or large accents. This includes everything from ottomans to potted floor plants. The only requirement is that the piece is heavy enough to hold down the edge of the area rug.
  • For rooms with neutral-colored carpets, consider an area rug with a bold pattern to add contrast. If the room’s carpet is already an uncommon color, try an area rug with a pattern in the same color family.

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