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Office Desk

With the rising prevalence of working from home, office desks are becoming a must-have. The perfect office desk from Ethan Allen will help you work smarter, not harder.

Determining the Size of Your Home Office Desk

The amount of space you have significantly impacts your desk options. You can't have a desk that is too large for the room, but there are other measurements to consider:
  • Can you fully open the door in the room without it banging into your desk?
  • Are you able to position your desk in a way that allows you to work without glare or direct sunlight from windows?
  • Don't forget the wiggle room! You want to shoot for about three feet of space behind your desk to comfortably pull out your chair to sit down.


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Types of Office Desks

A variety of desks are available to meet the needs of any profession. The tasks you perform most often will help you determine what kind of desk your office needs.

  • Writing Desk: Writing desks have ample surface space for paperwork. A desktop computer can generally fit on top but will take most of the free space, so we suggest using a laptop on this variety.
  • Executive Desk: When you think of a large corporate office, an executive desk is probably what you're imagining. An executive desk is sophisticated and requires the most space in a room. This type of desk has an expansive surface area and lots of storage.
  • Secretary Desk: Secretary desks have been a home office staple for decades. They are smaller and best for occasional use rather than an eight-hour day. A secretary desk will often be compact with a writing surface that folds up when not in use and encloses the desk's interior.
  • Computer Desk: Consider a computer desk if your work requires a desktop computer, an extra-large monitor, or multiple monitors. Computer desks have enough space to keep all of the components of larger computer equipment. Many also have holes or notches to keep cables and cords organized and out of sight.

Consider a Corner Desk

If you're short on space or want an aesthetic different from what is provided by a standard computer desk, a corner desk is an excellent solution. Corner desks are available in a range of sizes and styles and are easy to customize with modular home office options from Ethan Allen. It's much easier to reach everything on your desk with a corner model.

By pivoting to the left or right, you can grab anything you need without stretching, straining, or having to leave your chair. Another perk is that you will never lose anything in the abyss behind your desk because a corner desk fits snugly against the wall. If you have more room to work with but still want to place your desk in a corner, explore L-shaped desks.

Storage Options for Home Office Desks

Most desks come with storage, but you have options if you opt for a streamlined design or need additional space for paperwork and other items. A standard filing cabinet is the most common choice, but you can opt for one topped with a hutch for added style and the ability to display degrees or other favorite possessions. A stately hardwood bookcase is another fantastic option that is incredibly versatile. Store files using magazine holders or display hardback volumes of your favorite books or other work-related reading material.

Office Desk: Key Features

  • Correct height: The right height for your home office desk coordinates with your elbow height. Standard computer desks have proportions that are perfect for people 6'1" tall, but what about those who are shorter? Find your perfect fit by sitting in your chair with your elbows at your sides. With your feet flat on the floor, have someone measure the distance from the floor to your elbows, and you'll have your ideal desk height.
  • If you can, avoid drawers in the front of the desk to give you enough room to move your legs comfortably. You will also have more flexibility to raise and lower your desk chair. Opt for drawers on the sides whenever possible.
  • When choosing a material for your desk, you want something that is durable and looks professional. You can never go wrong with a wooden desk but if your style is more modern you can opt for desks made using glass, metal, and even marble.

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