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Decorative Accessories

Look around the room you're in right now. Chances are, you have at least a few decorative accessories around you. When adding decorative accents to your home, there are infinite choices and combinations. Visit Bell's Ethan Allen Design Center to explore our selection of premium home accessories from Ethan Allen®.

The Importance of Decorative Accessories

Many believe that while decorative items can be visually appealing, they are not necessary. We disagree. You don't need to have every available inch of space donning decor for your home to be considered accessorized. In fact, we discourage that. The trick is to find the pieces that make you happy. That's the first reason why decorative accents are important. Here are a few more:

  • Decorating gives your home a lived-in look and tells your story. The decorative accessories you choose to display your preferences and elements of your personality.
  • The decor you use affects your mood. Certain colors, like shades of blue and green, have a relaxing effect. Red and orange can invigorate you. The same rings true for shapes. If your decor favors curves and soft edges, it's more calming than a space featuring geometric patterns and hard angles.
  • Using decorative items can help keep your home clean and organized. You're more likely to maintain a space with your favorite accessories displayed because you'll want to show them off to friends and family.
  • Decorative accents are one of the most budget-friendly ways to transform the look of a room.
Decor perfectly suited for high-class homes and design styles

Getting Started with Decorative Accessories

A clean slate is essential when you're first designing or redecorating an area in your home. By removing things like artwork, lamps, and throw pillows, you free yourself from distraction and can better visualize your ideal decorative outcome.

Decorative accents bring a space to life by adding texture, color, and pattern. The right accessories pull a whole room together, and your decorations can combine function and fashion. Vases, bowls, and books can all be put on display for aesthetic reasons and also be used for practical purposes. Large baskets add texture, an organic vibe, and are the perfect spot to store throw blankets when they're not in use.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can create a timeless aesthetic by using neutral pieces for the foundation of the room. Flooring, wall colors, and furniture can stand the test of time and still be accessorized with on-trend materials. It's like a basic outfit that you can wear anytime, to any occasion, just by adding the right jewelry, purse, or shoes.

Decorative Accents Essentials

  • Bare walls are never a wise decorating decision, and wall decor doesn't have to cost a fortune. Have a large print or painting you love professionally framed; presto, it's a work of art. Mirrors and large tapestries are other fantastic choices for decorative accessories on your walls.
  • Use a mix of shapes and sizes. Keep a theme, like vases or throw pillows, but vary pieces within that scope.
  • Greenery is at home anywhere in yours. Plants, real or faux, add a breath of fresh air to any room.
  • Keep your color palette balanced. A good rule is the "60, 30, 10" rule. Sixty percent of your room should be a primary color, thirty percent a secondary shade, and ten percent a fun accent color.
  • The "Rule of Three" is another design principle to keep in mind. If you're using more than one decorative accessory, go with three. Odd numbers are more visually pleasing and make a bolder decor statement than single items or pairs.

Decorative Accents to Match Your Style

Never choose a decorative accessory at the expense of your own style. Just because something is popular doesn't mean you have to like it. That's where the real beauty of using decorative accents lies; you have the first and last say regarding all pieces. Use accents that make you happy when you look at them. Nearly anything can be made into or used as decor. Use variations of any of the following items:

  • Quilts and throw blankets
  • Sculptures of any size
  • Bar carts with a few bottles of your favorite vintage
  • Candlesticks and pedestals
  • Ornate clocks

Shop Decorative Accessories near Newburgh, NY

Bell's Ethan Allen Design Center carries an expansive selection of Ethan Allen® decorative accessories and furniture for every room. We're also your premier Hunter Douglas window treatments dealer and offer an array of fabrics and lighting options. Schedule an interior design consultation for advice and recommendations from some of the industry's top interior designers.

Contact us today to begin the journey to the decorative destination of your dreams. We're happy to serve Newburgh, Fishkill, Warrick, Middletown, New Paltz, Wappinger Falls, Rhinebeck, Monroe, Tuxedo, Warwick, Washingtonville, Poughkeepsie, Orange County, Dutchess County, and Ulster County, NY.