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Dresser and Chest

Your bedroom is a sanctuary in your home. It’s a place to rest and recharge mentally and physically. It’s difficult to relax in a cluttered, disorganized space, so dressers and chests for storage are essential. Find the perfect dresser or chest from Ethan Allen at Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center.

Choosing Your Dresser or Chest

Your dresser is the second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, following the bed itself. Dressers and chests are essential for function and decorative appeal but can easily look out of place if they are the wrong size or style for the space. Chat with our designers to find ways to choose the perfect dresser or chest for your bedroom.

Where to Place Your Dresser

Dressers and storage chests look their best when placed against a wall. Avoid having your bedroom dresser “float” within the room or angling it in front of a corner. Both of these will create an awkward, unusable space behind the piece. Use a wall with ample free space so your dresser can be put in the center. If it’s not possible to center it, use another small piece of furniture next to it to help create balance.

If you prefer a dresser with a mirror, measure the wall from the floor to your eye level. Subtract the height of the mirror from this number and that will give you the maximum height your dresser can be. Ensure you have at least one foot between the dresser and other bedroom furniture, including space to fully open the drawers.

Bedroom dresser lit by sunlight

Do You Need a Chest or a Dresser?

One of the first steps is determining how much storage you need. If your bedroom has other storage, like a bench with storage at the foot of your bed, you won’t need as much chest or dresser space. Next, decide if you would prefer a dresser or chest. The two are very similar but have some key differences. Dressers are longer and shorter in height than chests and are usually used to store folded clothing. Chests range from 48-60” in height and feature several small drawers or a large open interior. Choose a chest if you need storage for extra bedding or miscellaneous odds and ends.

Storage Chest Style

If you’re incorporating a dresser or storage chest into existing decor, choose one that fits the current aesthetic. The ideal ambiance is bright and open but still warm and welcoming. Opting for a wood dresser with a light stain meets both requirements in classic decor. Modern dressers in dark colors should have metal accents to reflect light.

Long, low dressers add elegance to a bedroom, while taller chests complement high ceilings. The hardware should be easy to use and blend well with the room’s aesthetic. Fortunately, handles and knobs are easy to switch out if you redecorate in the future.

Smaller, shorter dressers are an excellent choice for bedrooms with limited space. They won’t make the room feel cramped and can also be kept in the closet if necessary. If you are placing your chest between windows, opt for one which fits comfortably between them. Consider placing a matching chest on the opposite wall for balance. Dual dressers also allow you and your significant other to have your own personal storage space.

Decorating Your Dresser

The flat, expansive surface of a dresser is a perfect spot to use decorative accents. An empty dresser looks dull and can easily become a cluttered catch-all. Begin by hanging a large mirror or piece of art above the center of the dresser. Choose an item that is at least half the length of your dresser but does not exceed its overall length.

The ideal dresser decor features a tall focal point, a couple small or medium items, and a tray for storage. Use a houseplant, such as a snake plant, as the focal point. Snake plants grow tall and are easy to care for. Use framed family photos or candles for your medium pieces and a pretty tray to hold jewelry or perfume.

Multiple Dressers in a Bedroom

Having more than one dresser is not a design taboo. In fact, the primary bedroom in most homes has one large dresser and one or two smaller dressers or chests. It’s easier to incorporate multiple dressers if you are decorating a room from scratch rather than adding to an existing design scheme.

This is because, unless you purchase a matching set, it’s more difficult to find two or more chests that will coordinate with your existing decor. As long as you have enough free space, more than one bedroom dresser is a practical choice.

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