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Office Chairs

A premium quality office chair is a wise investment. No matter how much time you spend sitting in your desk chair, your back will thank you for choosing the best office chair available. Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center carries an assortment of Ethan Allen desk chairs to suit every home office need and aesthetic.

Important Desk Chair Features

While the aesthetic appeal of your office chair is essential, there are practical features that are wonderful to have. The ideal chair for you will have some (or all!) of the following:

  • Proper seat height: A chair with an adjustable height is an assurance of comfort throughout your work day. Most office chairs range between 16-21” high. When you are sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor with your thighs horizontal to the floor and your arms even with the desk height. Adjustable height lets you accomplish this goal. 
  • Sufficient width and depth: Your office chair should have enough depth and width to support you. When the depth of your chair is as it should be, you will be able to sit with your back against the backrest while having between 2-4” between the back of your knees and the edge of the chair. Office chairs that allow you to change the tilt of the backrest are ideal for this. 
  • Proper amount of padding: You don’t want your chair to be too soft or too firm. Desk chairs from Ethan Allen feature foam and fiber cushion filling to offer support that gives the ideal combination of comfort and firmness. 
  • Ability to swivel: Your chair should swivel easily to allow you to reach multiple areas of your desk without stretching too far. 
  • Accessible control: You should be able to reach the levers to adjust your chair height and backrest while seated. Controls that are easy to reach make you more likely to adjust your chair when necessary to stay comfortable while working.
Beautiful office chairs that offer comfort and style

Top Office Chair Materials

The right office chair material will offer comfort, good looks, and longevity. A top choice is always leather - leather adds elegance and the perfect touch of professionalism to any home office. Your chair will last for decades with an occasional wipe-down and conditioning. If you value variety, consider a fabric desk chair.

You can create the chair of your dreams with a nearly limitless selection of colors and textures. The fabric also offers the benefit of not becoming uncomfortable in warm temperatures. Desk chairs from Ethan Allen feature fabric that is cut, fit, and sewn by hand to guarantee the longest-lasting and most attractive finish.

How To Reduce Back Pain with the Right Home Office Chair

Sitting in your desk chair can cause or worsen back pain, especially in the lower back. Why? Most people tend to slouch in their chairs after sitting for an extended period. This puts extra stress on your back, shoulders, and neck. Once you’ve chosen a desk that is the correct height, you can move on to ensuring your chair is properly set up.

  • The position of your elbows is an easy method to know if your chair height is right for you. While sitting as close to your desk as is comfortable, lay your hands on the top of your desk. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Make use of the armrest. The armrest should slightly lift your arms to help reduce stress on your upper back. Using proper arm support also makes you less likely to sink into a poor posture position.
  • Your computer screen should be at your resting eye level. If you close your eyes and sit facing your computer, your eyes should be focused on the center of the screen when you open them. You will cause unnecessary back strain if you must slouch or stretch to see your computer screen. This can be remedied by adjusting the height of your chair or the height of your monitor.

Office Chairs at Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center

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