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Lamps and Lighting

Because they work the hardest to light up your interiors, lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, home lights, pendant lighting, and other types of illumination are an extremely important part of your home design. The best interior in the world is nothing unless there is light to see it. Lighting can not only illuminate; it reflects your style, adds warmth, and enhances the atmosphere. We understand the importance of good lighting at Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center. Creating a lighting design is a vital part of our home design projects. We carry various lighting options from Ethan Allen®, a company known for its beautiful and high-quality products.

Dark bedroom with bed and light dimming shades

Three Kinds of Lighting

  • Ambient Lighting: Also called general lighting, this lighting type is meant to mimic natural light. Ambient lighting is soft and sometimes diffused light that highlights an entire space without calling attention. It is used to provide general illumination and warmth in a space.
  • Task Lighting: When you need to focus and get something done, you will often be using task lighting. These home lights are usually brighter than ambient lighting and focus on a specific area. They are meant to provide a clear view of the task at hand.
  • Accent Lighting: This type of lighting is primarily used to focus attention or add an artistic or dramatic flair to your lighting design. Colored lights are a great example of accent lighting.
Ethan Allen® Lighting, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)

Types Of Home Lights

We carry several different types of lighting. Within each kind of home light, there are dozens of design options to choose from. The aesthetics range from rustic to regal, built from a wealth of different materials, including metal, ceramic, acrylic, wood, concrete, glass, crystal, alabaster, and more. Ethan Allen® lighting is a work of art.

Ethan Allen® Floor Lamps, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)

Floor Lamps

These lights are incredibly popular because of their illumination power and versatility. Floor lamps provide a lot of light in a space, without requiring wiring or installation. They provide ambient lighting to a space and are perfect in corners or next to chairs and sofas. Floor lamps are an excellent choice to maximize space, especially if you want to create more space on a desk or table that currently has a lamp. A floor lamp can also be an artistic addition home and add to your overall interior design.

Table Lamps

These plug-in lights sit on desks and end tables. They don’t provide enough ambient light to illuminate an entire room, but they are perfect for small spaces or use as task lighting. We carry both upright table lights that provide a gentle, diffused light and flexible arm table lamps designed to help you focus and stay on task. Table lamps are also a wonderful decorative item, and Ethan Allen® offers several different base shapes and artistic designs to choose from.

Ethan Allen® Table Lamps, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)
Ethan Allen® Wall Sconces, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)

Wall Sconces

These classic lighting options are fantastic for task or accent lighting. A wall sconce with a flexible arm and bright bulb is perfect when placed above the bedside table or beside your desk. Decorative wall sconces in the dining room or bathroom can add gentle, playful light to a space and a decorative accent to your wall. A wall sconce is also great if you need to save floor or desk space.


Chandeliers are ambient lighting that is often more decorative in nature. These ornamental statement fixtures are stunning works of art that can fit every aesthetic style. We offer opulent crystal chandeliers and minimalistic metal options. These lights are perfect for handing over dining room tables or as a centerpiece in your living room.

Ethan Allen® Chandeliers, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)
Ethan Allen® Pendant Lights, Home Light, Wall Sconce, Lamp, Pendant Lighting, near Newburgh, New York (NY)

Pendant Lights

These ambient lights are similar to chandeliers but have a much more simple design. They work wonderfully as both ambient and task lighting. Pendent lighting varies widely in appearance, from simple to ornamental. They can also be clustered together to provide more illumination or create interesting visuals.

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Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center is about more than just lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lighting. We are a full-service interior design company offering furniture, accessories, bedding, rugs, and Hunter Douglas window treatments. We work with top brands to bring you products that fit your style and are within your budget. Our interior designers are ready to help you with every step of your project. During an interior design consultation, they will get to know you, your design goals, and your budget. Then they will create an interior design plan that includes color choices, fabric options, lighting, furniture, and decor. If you want something that we don’t offer in store, our team will help you procure the items needed to make your dream home a reality. Contact us today to get started. Bell’s Ethan Allen Design Center is locally owned and operated. Our showroom is located in Newburgh, New York, and we proudly serve the surrounding area, including Warrick, Middletown, Fishkill, Wappingers Falls, Rhinebeck, and New Paltz.

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